Gerard Christopher

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Fan Impressions

Fan T. Hawkins met Gerard at the Metropolis Superman Celebration in 2012. He remembers him being very cool. He offered Gerard a painting and Gerard took the one in the black shirt. 

See more of T. Hawkins' paintings on Instagram! @ Funky Filosofy Fridays

More from the Superman Celebration in 2012! 

This picture is from Ann. Who remembers –

“Gerard was a nice guy, down to Earth. He told me I didn’t have to call him ‘Sir’, and was very helpful in explaining to fans how they can remove the inscriptions on their autographs in order to make them more valuable to sell. I will never forget that.”

This picture is courtesy from R.A. Golden and his wife Anne at their cool blog – 


(Viewing the non-geek world through geek lenses. And sometimes vice versa.)


Gerard and fan Jay Keaveny at a Chiller Event in the late 1990's. 


Superboy Tribute: It's in Clark's kiss?

Thank you, Gerard and Stacy, for all the fun, humor, excitement, adventure and of course, romance on Superboy! – Created by Ginger (Webmistress)

"Summer of 98': my family was going to Chicago to visit my cousin, and it just happened to be the weekend of Wizard World, one of the largest comic conventions in the country.  My cousin took me with some of his friends, and having never been to a show like that before I was blown away by everything to see and do.

Wandering around, not having bothered to look through my program, my jaw nearly dropped when I saw Gerard Christopher at a table signing autographs.  I wouldn't say I've ever been a Superman FANATIC, but I've greatly enjoyed the character's various incarnations, with the early Chris Reeve movies and the later Superboy seasons being some of my favorites.  Seeing him there in person was a mind blowing experience, and once the intitial shock wore off I made my way over, dying to get a piece of memorabilia from one of my favorite tv shows.

One quality that I would say defines Gerard is his overall friendliness.  I happened to be wearing a Bruce Lee shirt that day (I had a couple when I was in High School) and he actually began talking about how as a kid he used to love to watch Bruce Lee as Kato on the Green Hornet.  It was so cool to have someone I was so starstruck by talking TO me, instead of just sitting there waiting for me to pick a photo. To really put this in context, there is another guest I had seen at this and other shows, who sits at his table with the most annoyed look on his face, as if he just hates being there, and then seemingly shoos people away once he's signed their item.  Gerard was so sociable and welcoming, it actually made me want to go see him anytime he was guesting at a show I was at. (I've racked up quite the collection of autographs as a result).

So to sum up, he's one of (if not THE) nicest guests I've ever met at these shows, and I'd like to thank him for one of my earliest and greatest Con memories ever." Jeffrey Scott Keeler


Oh GC, how I loved thee! (As my old school notebooks with hearts and arrows betrayed!) Gerard was my biggest celeb crush all throughout elementary and Junior High school, and none of the other girls could understand it. He was 'too old' for them. As far as I knew, my peers didn't watch Superboy.

I rarely found mention of Gerard in any of the teen magazines I used to read either. But as an introvert I liked to keep my fan-girl tendencies private anyway. I initially found Gerard to be a soft-spoken and sensitive actor. His portrayal of Superboy was the most compassionate I'd ever seen from any of the men who donned the tights. But he had a nerve of steel. His Clark Kent was hilarious early on in season 2, he gave the Christopher Reeve version his own spin. However, I was glad he toned it down in the latter seasons. I loved Clark's suspenders! No one looked quite like Gerard in them. His truly mild-mannered Clark Kent was like the forerunner of the "cool nerds" that are heroically taking the lead on television today.

Seeing Superboy walk into the room...or...smash his way through made me cheer, but it also had a quixotic, calming effect too. My big hero had saved the day again! All's right with the world...or at least in Capitol City, Florida. Lana Lang said it best in the episode Obituary for a Superhero. It was amazing how Superboy could be that strong and powerful yet be so gentle. And that's exactly what I thought watching Gerard's performance.

Gerard's version of Superboy made you believe in everything the character stood for. From what I read from articles and interviews, and from those who had the chance to meet him in person, he's an extremely nice and down to earth guy, amiable, warm…in a word from one of his other biggest fans…amazing. What more could you ask for of Superboy? Gerard's truly humbled and enthused to have played a part in the grand Superman legend and his enthusiasm to this day is highly contagious. I wish him the best success in all his endeavors. Ginger (Webmistress)


I was only 13 years old when I first saw a trailer on television for a teen movie called "Tomboy". It got my interest, and so I went to go see it being the right age group for that kind of material on one weekend. Years passed. I had rented "Tomboy" out on video several times since then. I knew his name was Jerry Dinome. As a fan of the original Superman: The Movie produced by the famous Salkinds, I read an article in the paper on a Saturday morning announcing this little TV show they did called "Superboy". As a big reader of both Superman and the Superboy comic books, I immediately bought VHS tapes and from there began recording the series every week. John Haymes Newton was the star of the show at that time and I felt I was satisfied with that.

Superboy aired every Saturday night at 7:30 PM. I was in high school and found Clark and Lana's college years to be an inspiration as I was preparing for college life myself. Then something happened - Haymes got re-cast and all I saw was the trailer for the second season premiere. Sure, I re-watched the trailer over and over on my VHS tape, but I didn't realize it was the same actor from one of my favorite teen '80's flicks ("Tomboy").

The trailer didn't show his face very well. I was rather upset about the recasting, to be honest, but it only took the first few minutes for all doubts to fly away. While watching the second season premiere, I realized it was Jerry Dinome, or rather, Gerard Christopher from the movie "Tomboy". And not only that, but he was playing a nerdy Clark! And as Superboy...he kicked ass in the role!

I found Gerard Christopher to be very charming and humorous, and self-confident. He also played Superboy with a sense of morality and integrity that was believable. All of my comic book mayhem came alive with Gerard Christopher. I become Gerard Christopher's biggest supporter in the role of Superboy and hoped that the Salkinds would have used him as the new Superman in their new movie back in 1992. Of course, until the lien put the series to a stop. But one thing is for sure, the series brought me many happy moments on the small screen with Gerard's portrayal of Superboy. Rennie Cowan (Webmaster, Superboy Theater).


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©Rennie Cowan


Fan Conventions

2012 Hollywood Show


Super 20-year Reunion! – Gerard and Stacy Haiduk
(Pictures ©Helena Young)

Gerard, Stacy Haiduk, and superfan Helena Young.

Late June 2012 was when I heard that Gerard and Stacy were both going to be at the Hollywood Show in Burbank CA on 4th and 5th August. Within a heartbeat I had contacted Rennie Cowan to let her know that I had to somehow get to this event. Within 2 weeks, I had gotten my passport, bought my convention tickets, booked my time off, and arranged my trip, insurance and visa with my Travel Agent.

As the 1st of August approached I got very nervous, I was I about to meet the two people I had admired for the past 20 years, not only for the lovable characters they had played in Superboy, but for who they were in person, however on top of that I was about to leave Australia for the first time ever, and I was travelling alone. Gratefully I had Rennie to keep me company for most of my trip and I will be FOREVER grateful to her. More importantly about this trip, a while back I had drawn a portrait for both Gerard and Stacy, and I was finally able to give it to them. The memorable experiences from that convention was not just meeting them, but getting the biggest warmest hugs, as if I was an old friend. I was not just treated like the other fans visiting the tables, I was able to sit behind the table and talk with them. Gerard even sat me down with his photo albums and told me to help myself, and he would sign them later.

It was breathtaking to witness the reunion of Gerard and Stacy, I swear I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, but I was actually there, and we were so happy when we all had a photo, but the smiles weren't just from happiness, Gerard had put his arm around me and was tickling Stacy. Even after the convention Gerard and Stacy (and their crew) took Rennie, Ric, Rebbeca, Q-ball and myself out for drinks and nibblies, which was nice, it was a chance to be with them in a relaxed atmosphere, without interruptions.

Well what can I say, but that weekend will forever have a special place in my heart. – Love and Light, Helena xx oo xx

One night shift in 2003, I got bored, and around that time I had been rekindling my love for the Superboy TV series. Anyway over the week of my night shift I had drawn this picture.

Back then I had actually scanned the drawing, and emailed Gerard a copy via his website, and I got a reply back thanking me so much for the drawing.

10 years later on the 4th of August 2012, whilst at the Hollywood Show in Burbank CA, I made the trip over from Australia, not only did I have the amazing privileged of meeting Gerard, but I was finally was able to give him this drawing, and he actually remembered it, a moment I will always remember.

Love and Light, Helena xx oo xx


Gerard with webmaster Rennie Cowan and Stacey Haiduk at the 2012 Hollywood Convention.


I grew up on the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and the various comics/cartoons. But I was also the right age to watch and enjoy the now-much-forgotten syndicated series of "The Adventures of Superboy" which I really enjoyed as a kid. Gerard Christopher played Superboy for 3 of the 4 seasons and he was really cool. I got to talk with him for a long time and hear about some behind the scenes stories- (Image from the Collectors and Celebrity Show October 14 & 15, 2006, Burbank, California) – ManofSteel25