Gerard Christopher

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Gerard Christopher is best known for his portrayal of the classic American comic book hero Superboy and his alter ego Clark Kent in the number ten ranked Viacom production of The Adventures of Superboy which aired internationally from 1988-2000.

But he fell into the part long before he began his role as Superboy in 1989. In December of 1979 in New York City, while a passenger, Gerard stopped a bus in the middle of the street to help a woman who was struggling with a mugger to keep her handbag. As Gerard ran from the bus and approached the mugger he slashed the woman in the neck and Gerard tackled him wrestling the knife away. Fortunately, the woman recovered and the mugger went to jail.

About six months later, on an August afternoon in New York Gerard spotted a necklace thief and made chase through busy rush hour sidewalk traffic, tackled the thief and waited for police to arrive.

This incident which occurred just days before the Democratic National Convention; was reported in newspapers around the country and Gerard was given an award for heroism by the New York Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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New York Times, August 8th, 1980

Sarastosa Herald Tribune, August 8th 1980


"The Superman and Superboy characters have become a part of the American cultural fabric - everyone is aware of them. I want to take the show to a higher level by continuing to raise the quality of the scripts, the production values, and by using distinguished artists in guest star roles." –  Gerard Christopher

His career as a TV hero was a bit more difficult. From the moment that Gerard was chosen as the new Superboy that would replace the actor that was fired he had a difficult job ahead of himself.

Prior to his arrival as the new Boy of Steel, the show's Nielsen rating was number 48 and it was teetering on the edge of being cancelled. In August of 1989, on one of his first days on the job, producer Ilya Salkind gave Gerard a pep talk by telling him that if the ratings do not go up immediately, the show would be canceled. He said "If you think that I'm putting pressure on you, I am!"

Fortunately, just weeks after Gerard donned his tights and cape, the show's rating soared to number ten. Soon thereafter, Gerard's writing talent and business savvy caught the attention of Viacom and he was made a contributing writer in his second season and producer in his third. Viacom also gave him a directing contract in his third and final season.

Speaking of an episode written by Gerard, New York Post television critic, David Bianculli said, "Scripts have begun to stress character and plot above special effects gimmickry. In terms of the sensibilities of the series to date, the results are somewhat super. The series, as a whole, like Star Trek: The Next Generation, is a first run syndicated series worth noting and enjoying."

One episode written by Gerard, entitled 'Wish for Armageddon' was the only episode that Viacom submitted for Emmy Award consideration. The Adventures of Superboy celebrated the completion of its 100th episode in August of 1991.


Before he found his way to the small screen, Gerard began his career as a fashion model with Wilhelmina Models and worked extensively in New York, Milan and Tokyo. His handsome All-American good looks also won him some unusual modeling assignments such as when he was hired to pose to be sculpted for the likeness of store mannequins on separate occasions by two of the world's largest mannequin makers. He also appeared on the covers of many romance novels and his figure was the subject of artist's canvases and he even appeared in photography art books.


From The Greneker Company Catologue, featuring Gerard's custom Mannequin head.


It was during his modeling days that he wandered into the world of television and became a SAG actor by booking TV commercials as a means of financing his college education. Over the years he appeared in over 60 television commercials for companies like Pepsi, Panasonic, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and recently Cadillac, among others. Along the way he managed to squeeze in his college education and graduated from The University of Southern California (USC) with a degree in business.

Gerard has also studied screenwriting, directing, cinematography, and many other subjects at UCLA. He studied acting in New York and Los Angeles at many acting schools and believes that he received his most valuable training from two-time Academy Award nominated actress Nina Foch and at the Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop.


Early Modeling Days


He appeared in feature films like Tomboy and Dangerously Close and most recently in HBO's The First of May but, The Adventures of Superboy was Gerard Christopher's first regular series television role. However, his very first TV acting role was a lead in the CBS television pilot, Welcome to Paradise, which was filmed on location in New Zealand. His guest-star appearances include the series Murphy's Law, True Confessions, Melrose Place, Silk Stalkings and The Agency. He had a recurring role on the Soap opera, Sunset Beach, and most recently starred in the short film Made Off.

Gerard filmed two movies for television (MOW) entitled Trigger Fast and Rebel Rousers in South Africa and Bandit Bandit for Universal television. Gerard has also had recurring roles in the NBC soap operas Days of Our Lives and Aaron Spelling's, Sunset Beach.

Although not as active as he once was in the film business he still shoots an occasional TV commercial and is writing a feature film script.

Gerard is currently concentrating on forming a production company, which will produce videos for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. And, he presently has a successful real estate investment company that causes him to travel often to Europe.

On a personal level Gerard has many passions, especially his concern for the environment. Ever since being appointed the Spokeshero for Recycling in 1990 by Governor Martinez of Florida he has been a meticulous and dedicated recycler. He is also a devout tree lover who used to plant trees on the streets of his neighborhood in New York as a child. He dreams of creating a foundation that would beautify our cities by planting millions of trees.

As a lover of nature he also has an appetite for the exotic and has traveled to Africa over twenty times where he enjoyed photo safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. He also appreciates nature under the seas and has scuba dived in New Zealand, Hawaii, Guam, Cayman Islands, Fiji, California and the Bahamas. Whether on vacation, scuba diving, snow skiing in Colorado, Wyoming, Switzerland or adventure seeking, Gerard has traveled to many beautiful and exotic places and has seen some 36 countries.

Keeping himself in shape has always been more than just a hobby; it is a priority for the 6-foot, 195-pound actor who has been working out since he was 12 years old. These days, a typical day includes a two-hour workout at the gym, which he does to support his other hobby, which is cooking and eating delicious meals while sipping his favorite wine. Gerard's horoscope sign is Taurus, which gives him the patience to sculpt human figures in alabaster or marble stone, whenever the spirit moves him. 

A former competitive triathlete, Gerard spends as much time as he can, running, mountain biking, ocean kayaking, swimming, roller-blading or hiking in the mountains near his home. Although not very good he also enjoys an occasional game of tennis or golf. Originally a New Yorker, Gerard makes Los Angeles his home.