Gerard Christopher

Gerard Christopher

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Beloved Superhero Celebrates 75th Birthday

ABC NEWS (2013)

Gerard appears in a brief clip from Season 2 showing all the different Superman related entertainment throughout the years.

General Hospital

'Cassadine Island Guard'

Season 1, Ep. 1.12919

ABC (2013)

Made Off


Short Film (2010)

Dir: Anthony del Gigante 

Look up in the sky: The Amazing story of Superman


Kevin Burns

Watch Gerard's segment online

In a Single Bound (Documentary)


AVvisione Pictures

The Agency

'Emily's Boyfriend'

Season 2, Ep. 2 – Air Lex

CBS (2002)

Sunset Beach

Recurring Lead – 'Dr. Brock'

NBC/Spelling Entertainment (1997)

Watch 2 montages of Sunset Beach scenes featuring Gerard.

Scenes 1
Scenes 2

Days Of Our Lives

(Recurring Lead)


Women of the House


CBS/Bloodworth/Thompson (1995)

Watch online

Melrose Place

'Gregory Davis'

FBN/Spelling Entertainment (1994)

Trigger Fast aka Guns of Honor (MOW)

'Lt. Mark Counter'

Saban Entertainment (1994)

Watch Trailer

Rebel Rousers

'Lt. Mark Counter'

Saban Entertainment (1994)

Bandit Bandit (MOW)

'Phony Bandit'

Universal Television (1994)

Silk Stalkings


Season 2, Ep. 19 – Star Signs

Stu Segal Productions (1993)

Watch Full Episode on Hulu

The Adventures of Superboy

'Superboy/Clark Kent'

Syndicated/Viacom (1989-1992)

Murphy's Law

'Nino Zachetti'

NBC (1988)

Watch the Full Episode in 4 parts

True Confessions


ABC (1985)

Welcome to Paradise (TV Movie)


CBS (1984)



Dangerously Close

'Lang Bridges'

Cannon Films (1986)


'Randy Star'

Crown Intl. (1985)

First of May


HBO Family Channel (1999)

Watch with Amazon Prime



Movie Magic Deluxe Collector's Edition (2013)
Gerard appears on the back cover and in two pictures, includes a full article on Superboy with a short interview. Download the scanned article in the "Superboy Clippings/Articles" Photo Album.

Superman Vs. Hollywood: How Fiendish Producers, Devious Directors and Warring Writers grounded an American Icon

By Jake Rossen (Capella Books)

Gerard interviews featured in Chapter 12 and various chapters

Interview with Gerard Christopher
Host: Dee Sloan
Radio/Video Active Telephone Interview

Superboy: The Comic Book
DC Comics

1st Issue Cover as Superboy with Stacy Haiduk as Lana Lang
2nd issue features biographies of Gerard Christopher and Stacy Haiduk

Feature Article: Celebrating 20 years of Recycling

By Roger Roy Of The Sentinel Staff
June 18, 1990
Orange County, FL. Recycling Program
 Appearances as Superboy on Florida Television

Epi-Log #22: Adventures of Superboy

Gerard on the cover as Superboy, with a complete episode guide, and pictures.

Spectrum Magazine

Issue #32 (July 1999)

Years before Smallville!

Cover photo & Superboy article

Theater Roles

Key Exchange Philip  Kingsbridge Theater
 Bus Stop Beau Kingsbridge Theater
 The Indian Wants the Bronx Joey Palisades Theater


 The Lee Strasberg Institute New York City
 Nina Foch Acting Studio Los Angeles
 Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop Los Angeles
 The Juliard School New York City

Special Abilities


Boxing  Excellent Skier 
  Certified scuba diverExpert Horseback rider

Fluent in French, some Italian

 Motorcycle driver Martial Arts Graduate

  Graduate of the Skip Barber

Race Car Driving School.